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Get a Company Secretary in Hong Kong

Why do I need a Company Secretary?

It is required by law that every Hong Kong company has one. This position has been created to ensure that companies comply with the regulations: inform the government about changes in your entity, compile annual return, and submit them on time.

Make sure company is compliant

A company secretary makes sure that the business and its operation is thoroughly compliant with the laws and regulations that fall under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance

Can a Hong Kong company operate without a Secretary?

No, every HK company must have one. It’s stated in Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622) of the Laws of Hong Kong. The Secretary can be a person residing in Hong Kong or an organisation with a local registered office.

What does a company secretary do?

It’s the Secretary’s job to report to the government what important events took place in your company. They track changes in the company’s name, address, industry, officers, compile registers, and submit annual reports to the state. They also process dividends distribution and changes in the shareholding structure.

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All fees, any resolutions included

Our Unlimited package covers all event-driven changes, government fees, and annual filings, so no extra charges out of the blue

Company secretary plan


Essential Secretary 1 year

  • Covers all mandatory filings and government fees

    • Annual General Meeting papers

    • Annual Returns Filing

    • Business registration certificate application

    • Registered address

  • With Accounting plan HK$1,000, or HK$1,600

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